Minrray Broadcast & Video Conferencing Camera’s

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Cameras currently available for purchase:

Minrray-UV950A 12 and 20


USB Cameras

USB Minrray Minrray Video Conferencing cameras USB 2.0 & 3.0 outputs provide High Definition video usable by any Mac or PC  computer using a USB Port. The ease of use for online meetings and web video conferencing drives these camera’s usability.

HDMI Cameras

Minrray HDMI Minrray Video Conferencing cameras with a direct HDMI output provide high definition full HD 1920x1080p, 1080i & 720p resolutions at frames rates as high as 60 per second. Completely digital video provides great HD video for recording and video codec applications.

DVI-I Cameras

DVI-I Minrray Minrray Cameras with DVI-I outputs which provide full HD 1920x1080p, 1920x1080i & 720p resolutions at super fast frames rates up to 60fps! DVI-I can be easily converted to HDMI, VGA and other video formats to fit video conferencing scenarios.

HD-SDI Cameras

HD-SDI Minrray 3G HD-SDI provides full 1080p resolutions using affordable SDI cabling which can transmit full HD 1920x1080p resolutions up to 300′ 

Analog YPBPR

Analog YPbPr Minrray Analog YPBPR is HD Ready and can easily transfer full HD Video. “YPBPR offer enough separation that no color multiplexing is needed, so the quality of the extracted image is nearly identical -Wikipedia“. 

S-Video Cameras

S-Video Minrray S-Video Minrray cameras are easy integrate and provide SD Standard Definition video 480i or 576i.


Why did we add USB 3.0 to our camera line?

1920x1080p HD Quality

USB 2.0 is about the easiest cable to connect to any computer and start a video conference. USB 3.0 is 10x faster than USB 2.0 making High Definition video even at high frame rates possible for any computer to use. USB video conferencing is here for online meetings and web video conferencing.

Universal Compatibility

USB 3.0 is 10X faster than USB 2.0. USB is not only plug and play but it’s also universally compatible with all the online meeting cloud based video conferencing solutions available today. Everything from MS Lync, Cisco Jabber, Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEX and Zoom.US plus you can now bridge your legacy H.323 equipment to the cloud *Using Zoom.US. With the flexibility to shop for the best cloud based software the consumer always wins!

USB 3.0 Speed!

USB 3.0 Pan Tilt Zoom cameras from Minrray are really becoming the most affordable and flexible solutions available for the quality web based video conferencing. The USB video conferencing systems replace traditional solutions that only 5-10 years ago costed anywhere from $20,000-50,000! With even more capabilities than legacy systems the cloud, CPU performance and bandwidth have made USB Video Conferencing the obvious choice for flexible affordable installations.


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